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Consulting Process

I specialize in nonprofit governance, fundraising strategy, strategic planning, management, and creating cultures of diversity, equity and inclusion. In all things that I do, I use a lens of equity, justice and inclusion — my consulting work is no exception. I only accept clients who are fully committed to making meaningful and measurable change. Whether we are working together on a strategic plan, recruiting diverse board members, or conducting a feasibility study, I will only work with clients who agree to use equity as a lens.

Step 1: I'll get to know you

It is important that I get to really know you, your organization, and your industry. When we meet, I’ll take the time to understand your growth opportunities and challenges and I’ll ask what you hope to accomplish. This will help in creating your action plan.

Step 2: I’ll get to know your people and your data

In order to accomplish your objectives, I will take the time to get to know your people and your data.

Your People (qualitative data collection):

Your Data (quantitative data collection)

Step 3: We'll analyze your data

After collecting both qualitative and quantitative data, I will provide a visual representation of said data and a brief narrative summary.

Step 4: We'll create and present your strategy

Once you and your team decide how to move forward, we will create a strategy. We will work together to create a visual representation of your strategy and present it to your team or stakeholders. I do not create plans as they’ll just sit on a shelf never to be implemented. We will present a strategy that is both tactical and time-bound and that has clear accountability and measurable outcomes.

Step 5: We'll debrief

After presenting your strategy and deliverables, we’ll meet to debrief. I want to make sure that you have everything that you need to be successful.