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Celebrating a special occasion? Looking for that piece that will perfectly pull your program together? Commissioning a piece is a wonderful opportunity to create a piece tailored for you or your ensemble. Not only will this piece be the perfect fit, it is a great way to create a legacy of musical excellence for the future.

Please know that I am profoundly grateful to be considered to compose or arrange for you!

Step 1: I'll get to know you

It is important that I get to really know you as a musician and a person. I want to hear about your favorite composers, your most treasured musical experiences, and I want to learn about you. I have found that I do my best work when I establish a meaningful relationship with those commissioning works. What fuels me is the passion and energy that you bring to your craft.

Step 2: I'll listen to your performances

Before committing to write any piece, I will take the time to listen to your performances. If it is possible, I much prefer to hear you or your ensemble perform in-person. If that is not possible, I’ll ask you to send recordings of performances of music in contrasting styles.

Step 3: We'll work through the text

If your piece sets a pre-existing text, we’ll chat about the text and what it means to you. If your piece does not set a text, I’ll ask you to send me a few paragraphs describing the mood and atmosphere that you are trying to create for your audience.

Step 4: We'll check in along the way

Once I begin working on the piece, I will send you sections of the piece to make sure that not only are you happy with it, but that the piece feels natural for the performer(s). We’ll make adjustments as we go to ensure the perfect fit.

The Logistics


The cost of a commission depends on the length of the piece, the voicing/instrumentation, the anticipated time needed to craft the piece, and the cost to license a text under copyright. Once we have had the opportunity to chat about your piece, I will send you the cost. We will work together to ensure that your budgetary needs are met.

Intellectual Property

Though you will commission the piece, I will hold all copyright privileges and authority. Of course, you or your ensemble will be the first to perform the piece and your name(s) will appear in the score. We can also discuss making the piece exclusive to you or your ensemble for a short period of time.